Our Services

Nirtal offers various courses and practical training in the following fields:

Executive Protection Courses & Training

  • Executive protection / VIP protection courses for private & governmental sectors.
  • Martial Arts - specially designed for EP personnel.

We offer EP courses from 1 week (Basic training & general knowledge) and up to 8 weeks

(Hi level Private / governmental Teams).

Police Courses & Training

  • Training of special police units for specific defined assignments: Anti-crime, Drug enforcement, Intervention teams, etc.
  • Close quarter and ambush tactics for police commando units (SWAT), Sharp-shooting and Advanced Marksmanship.
  • Counter-terrorism and Hostage Rescue.
  • Border police and immigration security forces using advanced modern technology and methods. (also in marine environments)
  • Special Intelligence units / undercover surveillance and intelligence gathering.
  • Crowd control and special event management/ Riot Control
  • Prison enforcement special units.
  • Dog training -"K-9" for all purposes (drugs, attack, tracking...)
  • Technical breaching / Explosive breaching / EOD.
  • Polygraph courses.

Military Courses & Training

  • Basic Training.
  • Infantry Training.
  • Recon Training.
  • Urban Warfare.
  • Anti-Armor units Training.
  • Special Forces Training.
  • Officer training.
  • Snipers course.
  • Military Martial Arts.
  • Navigation Course.
  • Search & rescue.
  • Operational driving of special vehicles/Special All Terrain Vehicle Units (SATVU).
  • Survival (with emphasis on desert area).
  • Dog training -"K-9" for all purposes (drugs, attack, tracking..)
  • Technical breaching/Explosive breaching / EOD.
  • Marine & Navy units ("seals", border patrol, etc.)

Private and Commercial sector Courses & Training

  • Aviation security, Airport security, Aviation companies & air marshals.
  • Seaport & Maritime security (harbors & ships).
  • Infrastructure facilities (petroleum, Gas, Electricity ….)
  • UComprehensive Crisis Management
  • Dog training -"K-9" for all purposes (drugs, attack, tracking...)
  • Private Detective training (technical surveillance)
  • Polygraph courses (employee screening etc. …)
  • Public transportation security.
  • Bank security.
  • Hotel & Casino security.
  • Shopping malls, private buildings, factories etc.
  • Surveillance & Counter Surveillance.

NIRTAL offers various relevant Seminars dealing with today`s Global International Terror:

  • National Security Seminars
  • Maritime & Port Security
  • Counter Terror Seminars - Oriented to various fields of interest

  • All courses are authorized and certified by the Israeli Ministry of Defense - per client.
  • All inquiries, operations, and corporate relationships are handled at the highest level of discretion and confidentiality.
  • We also supply all the equipment required for the above training & for operational use. See - Equipment link.
  • Some of the above courses can be held in Israel - and some at the client`s location.
  • Contact us for any more information and for an assessment of your particular requirements.