Counter-Terror Training and Operations

International terrorism is a constant and persistent potent threat to the safety and security of society and individuals. Today`s terrorists are well-trained, well-supplied, well-financed, and extremely well-organized at a level of efficiency that has never been experienced. Their ability to inflict death and damage requires a comprehensive program of anti-terrorism management.

NIRTAL helps counter this threat utilizing two parallel approaches, intelligence and operations for police secret services & military units.

All instructors are former officers & high ranking operatives of special units in these fields.

NIRTAL offers various relevant Seminars dealing with today`s Global International Terror:

  • National Security Seminars
  • Maritime & Port Security
  • Counter Terror Seminars - Oriented to various fields of interest

The NIRTAL Equipment division has a complete inventory of every item required in the field, including :

  • Breaking and explosive kits for building, barriers, etc.
  • Silent entry technology
  • Rappelling equipment
  • Special weapons, including sights, silencers, night vision devices, telescopes, etc.
  • Personal protection equipment
  • Surveillance and listening devices, cameras, transmission technology, etc.
  • Complete communication systems, including jamming equipment, encoding equipment, scrambling equipment, etc.
  • Robot and robotic devices, "eyeballs" etc.
  • Drone aircraft/UAV

* For more - See our Equipment Provision page.

* Regarding Training & courses see "Combat Training" page.