The War on Crime & Internal Security

Civil safety and security is the single most important task of the civilian government. If the twentieth century was marked by wars between conflicting states, today we are speaking more of a criminal war between national and international organized terror and crime and the domestic state.

Nirtal has initiated several very successful projects in a significant number of countries. These projects include dealing with organized international crime and the various local criminal cells.

Nirtal includes among its expert staff several persons of senior general rank that served in various anti-crime units, including criminal enforcement, intelligence, SWAT teams, various technology fields, anti-drug enforcement, and many others.

The company provides an introductory survey in order to provide the first picture of the situation, enabling an understanding of the relevant facts, and the availability of the various solutions to the client.


Either upgrading of existing units or forming new units to fight terror, crime, and drug trafficking.

Police Intelligence

  • Principles of intelligence by means of field agents, utilizing Israeli Intelligence Basic Coverage System, including the recruitment of the agents and the operation of the agents
  • Intelligence gathering by means of technology, including listening devices, cameras, transmission technology, etc.
  • Police Technology: Laboratories for the identification of suspicious objects, communications systems and mobile police communications, implementation of central call center(s) for civilian emergencies, e.g. 911, technology for the identification of drugs and explosives, weapons, officer protection, and much more.
  • Interrogation units, esp. undercover interrogation units
  • Formation of academies for fighting crime, including training modules and fighting (fighting terror, freeing of hostages, actual crime fighting), sabotage EOD, IOD operational driving, and more.
  • Security background checks. (Polygraph).

Define your problem, and Nirtal will devise a solution.

International terrorism and internal insurgencies are the most potent threat of our century, threatening the stability of numerous regimes around the world. Today, nations are dealing with well trained organizations, whose aim is to undermine stable regimes.

  • The ability to thwart such well trained organizations, whether they are crime or terror organizations, requires special and comprehensive capabilities along with experienced management.
  • NIRTAL has initiated and conducted many successful projects in a significant number of countries.
  • These projects included dealing with organized international crime and various local criminal cells.
  • NIRTAL helped counter these threats by utilizing two integral approaches: Intelligence and operational capability.


Intelligence gathering is very sophisticated and complex work, without a doubt, it is the most challenging work in the field of security.

NIRTAL is able to provide and train Intelligence units for these missions:

  • Acquiring of agents (informers), recruiting capabilities and teaching the theories of recruiting and operating of field agents.
  • Supply and utilization of advanced technology: Eavesdropping devices, recon and observation equipment, tracking technology, computerized surveillance software, etc. Formation of Interrogation units and teaching interrogation techniques.
  • Establishment of laboratories for identification of suspicious objects (drugs, explosives, weapons etc.) Communication systems and mobile police communications, implementation of central call center(s) for civilian emergencies.
  • Formulation of field procedures, operational plans, intelligence analysis, threat assessment etc.
  • In countries, where Arabic is required, NIRTAL can train Intelligence personnel to speak Arabic, moreover, Islamic culture lectures can be provided by the best professors in Israel.


Unit training and the upgrading of existing units in the following areas of expertise:

  • "Hot" breaching/break-in to buildings, including the use of explosives and advanced technological devices.
  • Silent breaching by use of technological means
  • Negotiation management, hostage situations.
  • Sharp-shooting training (snipers course), K-9 teams (training dogs for operational missions).
  • Specialized anti-terrorist combat, personal contact combat, urban anti-terrorism warfare (S.W.A.T or Military Infantry soldiers).
  • NIRTAL`s consulting staff includes men who served in various anti-crime/terror units (Crime enforcement, intelligence, SWAT, technological units, drug enforcement, and others). Our staff is well trained and experienced, having gained its knowledge in the line of active duty as veterans of the IDF, Special Police Units and the Israeli Intelligence Agency.

Equipment Division

NIRTAL has the ability to provide every item required in this field:

  • Breaching and explosive kits for buildings, barriers, etc.
  • Silent breaching technology.
  • Rappelling equipment.
  • Special weapons, sights, silencers, night vision devices, telescopes etc.
  • Personal protection equipment.
  • Surveillance and eavesdropping devices, cameras, transmission technology
  • Complete communication systems (jamming equipment, encoding/scrambling equipment etc.).
  • Robot & robotic devices, "Eyeballs", etc.
  • Drone aircraft/ UAV.
  • Training equipment: Personal contact combat etc.