Executive / VIP Protection

The Executive / VIP protection field is a unique field requiring great expertise and knowledge in the relevant theories.

This field is relevant to official government executives (President, Prime-Minister, and Members of Parliament) along with certain civilians (VIP`s).

Government officials, as well as parliament members, are marked as "targets" by various groups in the population - a concern that requires an appropriate preemptive solution.

Moreover, other civilian groups within the population, such as businessmen, also have the need for VIP protection.

According to our VIP / Executive Protection concept, each individual case, whether it is a government representative or a civilian VIP, is analyzed, taking into consideration the threat assessment and the potential worst case scenarios, and accordingly is tailored with the best comprehensive solution.

NIRTAL is able to train and provide courses for civilian VIP protection teams (2-4 weeks), and more advanced courses for governmental VIP Protection teams (4-8 weeks). All of NIRTAL`s consultants & Instructors are well trained officers, having served and trained in the field of VIP Protection at Israel. All courses may be conducted at either the Israeli based NIRTAL Academy, or at any location of the client`s choice. All courses are certified by the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

All of NIRTAL`s Executive protection courses are conducted according to a preliminary threat assessment based on a danger analysis model of the protected executives.

NIRTAL`s equipment division provides every item needed for the training program and for the ongoing operation of VIP Protection Tasks, including:

  • Specially constructed protected vehicles.
  • Specially constructed and devised communication systems.
  • Surveillance and eavesdropping devices, cameras, transmission technology etc.
  • Complete communication systems, including jamming & encoding equipment.
  • Armaments and personal protection equipment - specially designed for VIP`s & for the VIP protection Teams.
  • Drone Aircraft / UAV.

Protection services

NIRTAL provides Executive protection services to help ensure the security of various VIP`s, Businessmen, sport teams, delegations etc., when traveling to Israel or any other world wide destination.

NIRTALs` Executive Protection team will plan, organize, and execute a comprehensive protection package for any individual, delegation or event.

NIRTALs` personnel are skilled & experienced in conducting various types of operations, and are prepared for unplanned events and unexpected changes. As veterans of the Israeli Special Forces Units & other Israeli Security Services, NIRTALs` Close Protection teams have strong counter-terrorism qualifications, knowledge & experience and are certified protective drivers and first aid responders & paramedics.