K-9 Dogs

  • NIRTAL offers solutions in the Task dog field on the highest level.
  • Through the years and especially in the last few years the effectiveness of working with dogs in almost every field has been proven.
  • In today’s reality an effective and efficient tool for drugs and explosives detection and for physical reaction (assault and disabling) is needed.
  • NIRTAL services are designed to provide solutions for Police, Military, Governments and private sectors
  • The service supplied completes the gap in existing security plans.
  • This would increase options for defense approaches and aid in strategic thinking.
  • We supply well trained - Explosive detection dogs, drug detections dogs, assault, defense or riot control dogs, Tracking dogs, Counter Terror dogs and Guard dogs.
  • We provide an "A to Z" "turn key solution" including: Locating Suitable Dogs, Training the dogs for their future job, training the local dog handlers and training a local team for ongoing fitness and operational maintenance with all the necessary equipment.

Prison Enforcement & Riot Control

NIRTAL offers Prison enforcement & Riot control Consultation, Equipment provision & Training of special units for Riots & emergency situations in prisons, such as prisoner insurgency.